About the project

LIPS aims to empower people with autism through labor inclusion.
There are many difficulties in reaching the inclusion of people with autism without learning disabilities in the labor market because companies lack insights on how to integrate them. With the project, we plan to take a step forward to make the European economy a more inclusive one and bring about the many skills and talents people with autism have.

The aim is to leave no one behind and to take people with autism into account in the diversity of disabilities and their accessibility and support needs.
LIPS is needed as a support base and will become a space and an entity that will connect the world of work with people with autism in a sustainable way.

Main objectives

LIPS aims to reach the inclusion of people with autism without learning disabilities in the labor market through the recognition of their skills, talents, and potential.

• creating awareness of the benefits of working with people with autism
• breaking down stereotypes
• build a bridge between companies and people with autism
• design a toolkit, a set of recommendations for companies to create a neurodiverse-friendly working environment
• preparing professionals to help in the integration of people in a neurodiverse world in jobs where they will be required to interact

The project aims to enable a shared understanding that accounts for the needs of the diverse groups involved.
Organizations that want to become involved in hiring people with autism need to receive training on how to do this.

LIPS will train educators, social workers, business representatives, psychologists, and others interested to offer activities to further awareness and ensure the integration of people with autism and that they constantly receive available resources and appropriate support.

Created Activities

Learning Lab: will outline different existing support structures for integrating people with autism into the workplace. A set of best practice recommendations will guide the development of the other outcomes

Curriculum: will contain a training scheme on how to create an inclusive workplace for people with autism. There will be resources and training plans for educators to use to train others on how to introduce people with autism to the labor market

Toolkit: will support people to create inclusive workplaces for people with autism. It will contain a mixture of online, print-based, and audio-visual materials that will support people to learn more about autism in the workplace. There will be practical guides for employers and other arenas wanting to make their environments more autism friendly.

Our priorities

Adults with autism often lack the support they need to gain and maintain employment. The right support and education approach can facilitate their integration
We believe in inclusion and diversity in all fields of education and training is paramount to ensure the successful inclusion of people with autism and to create a neurodiverse atmosphere at the workplace.

Educational leaders and support staff are key to facilitating the integration of people with autism into society.
With the activities and outcomes of LIPS, we will be able to create material, tools, and activities to extend the competencies of educators and SME professionals.

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