28 Nov 9:00 am

LIPS Project Kickoff Meeting

On 27 november, the project team and I will be on the road, travelling to Valencia to meet our partners from Spain, North Macedonia and Poland for the LIPS kick-off […]
24 Jan 11:30 am

LIPS Project Meeting

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18 Feb 12:00 am

Asperger’s Day

International Asperger’s Day falls on February 18th, highlighting the challenges that come with this syndrome. While it was considered separate, Asperger’s syndrome has been included in the autism spectrum since […]
02 Apr 12:00 am

World Autism Awareness Day

April 2 is World Autism Awareness Day. Did you know that CDC statistics revealed that autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is 4.3 times more prevalent in boys than it is in […]

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