The consortium is integrated by a neurodiverse enterprise, a chamber of commerce, and two organizations, professionals in the field of autism integrated with psychologists and other professionals.

All partners of LIPS are organizations working with a European scope and perspective with extended networks of national and international contacts comprising NGOs, companies, businesses, and public authorities across Europe and beyond.


Lago Becu is a neurodiverse SME founded in 2012. Their work is focused on the fields of technology, information, and VET. The company is experienced in labor inclusion of people with autism, as one of their partners has been diagnosed with autism. As a socially concerned business, they are committed to creating a more inclusive world that ensures diversity and acceptance. ( )

Blue Firefly is a association for Improving the Quality of Life of People with Autism Spectrum Disorders. It was was founded on 28.02.2017 in Skopje based on the 15 years of experience in the field of autism of the founders. (

• Zrozumieć Autyzm is a organization from Poland, integrated by prestigious psychologists and other professionals working in the field of autism, giving support to families, youth workers, professionals, and people diagnosed with autism. (

Zbornica za razvoj podjetnikov is a chamber of enterprise development whose purpose is to provide expertise and organizational support to different initiatives that support the region’s economic, social, and environmental development. (


The partnership is unique as it combines one hand partners with great experiences in the psychological aspect of autism and the other two organizations experienced in the business aspects and connections with other companies which are willing to learn about the advantages of hiring people with autism without learning disabilities. The partnership will ensure that the needs of the different groups involved in the process of labor inclusion will be addressed.


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