Kick-off meeting in Spain


The meeting is organised by the Spanish partners of Lago Becu, a neurodiversity company founded in 2012. Their work focuses on technology, information and vocational education and training. They have prepared a productive and active schedule for the kick-off meeting, which will include:

  • an overview and discussion of the initial phase of the project
  • a presentation of the website
  • an overview of the Learning Lab, which aims at joint training and the development of common, collaborative practices planning the next steps of the project.

We always aim to make the meetings as productive and useful as possible, as coming together allows us to communicate and collaborate in a way that sets the project on the path to the desired outcomes and long-term success.

As a consequence, the meeting also generates new ideas and allows for excellent getting to know and socialising between partners and participants.

For more information on the project development and next steps, please visit our FB page.

The following partners will attend the meeting:

Lago Becu – Spain
Blue Firefly – North Macedonia
Zrozumiec Autyzm- Poland
Chamber for Project Development – Slovenia


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