In March, we had another LIPS team online meeting, where we focused our discussion on designing the questionnaire for employees and talked about the project’s next steps. Among other things, developing a questionnaire is one way we decided to gather information on employees and gain a better insight into what they need and want when it comes to integrating people on the autism spectrum into the workplace.

Obtaining information through our planned research guides our communication with the participating companies and helps us to design a curriculum that will include a training scheme and a toolkit that will support job providers in integrating people on the autism spectrum into the workplace.

There will be practical guides for employers and other sectors who want to make their environment more autism friendly. The survey will be produced in five languages, English, Polish, Macedonian, Spanish, and Slovenian, as it will be accessible to all interested parties.

Adults on the autism spectrum often lack the support they need to get and keep a job. Increased awareness, strong support, and a tailored educational approach can make it easier for them to integrate into work and, socialize in the work environment.

We believe that inclusion and diversity in all areas of education and training are essential to ensure the successful integration of people on the autism spectrum and to create a neurodiverse workplace climate.

For the implementation of the LIPS project, we strive to obtain comprehensive and accurate data, as this will enable us to design a program that will serve a quality purpose for individuals and companies.

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